I miss Deidara-senpai much. He was the great senpai since he was my partner :cry

R.I.P. Deidara....

*put flower on his death*

Note: Tobi is an idiot, he lost his body because he was bombing.... He died... I cannot see him because he's lost.

Today I had a dream about Deidara-senpai...

I was looking up at the sky and Deidara-senpai was coming to me. I was shock that he was still alive... "Deidara-senpai, you are still alive?!" "Yeah, I'm an angel in the heaven and I came to you because you loved me much...hmph" "I miss you much, Deidara-senpai! I am so happy to see you...." "Yeah... Thank you, Tobi... You're the great guy and try to capture the Kyuubi kid..." "Yeah, I ever mind!" "Good job, I'm going now. I don't come to you anymore... Goodbye..." "Wha...What?!"

Deidara-senpai has gone.

I woke up. I don't want to tell me this is not real. I was too sad that it is not real. It was just a dream.

I never forgot Deidara-senpai......