I'm so excited! But to make this a novel...

Background story:

So, in the first day of Kindergarten, I met twins, and we immediately became great friends. Then, best friends. And we were inseparable. Then...5th grade rolled around...and we found out that they would be moving to Arizona on account of their dad getting a business opportunity. So, 5th grade ended, and about a week later, they left.

We still see each other about once a year, maybe twice, but it's only been them coming back here. Well, now, this January, I may be going out to see them!

I'm getting a job, soon (or so I hope...applied at 3 places) and I plan to use the money I make from that (plus Christmas money) to pay for airfare to head out there.

I was checking expedia, and a round trip was only about 200-300! Assuming I make 7 dollars an hour (minimum wage) for 3 hours a day, 4 days a week...64 dollars a week...I'll have the money in about a month and a half :oh.

SWEET ASS! That 360'll be here in no time!