Well, I was bored today so I went into my closet and pulled out my old Nintendo 64. You can imagine what I was thinking... "Why the fuck am I pulling this thing out?" Well, I did it anyways. I pulled out the box of old cartridges and started rummaging through them. Selecting one at random I pulled out a game. It turned out to be an old favorite of mine, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards...

So I take this jumbled mess of cables, controlers, and cheap plastic cartridges to my TV and start hooking it up. Once fully equiped I turn on the damn thing and begin my gaming expirience as if for the first time. As soon as the opening theme starts I'm already think, "Gawd, it's been too long since I just sat down and had fun with this thing."

Now I'm in the cloud level on Shiver Star, I'm waddling through enemies, collecting sweets and sucking up my foes and devouring them for their insane abilities. Sounds fun right.:awesome And it was. I have to say this is the first time I had really just sat down and had a care free moment. No stress, or pressure, or even that thirsting desire to get to the next level. It was simply fun.

This made me think. Life is just to short to waste it away worrying about the past, future, or anyother tense of your choosing. The more we think about the bad aspects of life the more we suffer them. We need to just live our lives in the here and now. And most of all we need to have fun.X3