What I would like to see, much of it just way out there besides the first thing.

I would like to see Semi-tasteful canon Hinata smut with someone she intends to stay with as not to ruin her reputation, real hot and heavy, passionate sweaty Hinata loving as tasteful as it can be made and kind of softcore though...after much romantic and excruciatingly long build up...Sweet enough to give you a tooth ache and full of more fluff than a stuffed bear.

Gaara gets his demon back somehow and go's through a long traumatic experience that effects him mentally and makes him half psychotic again while retaining some of his growth and a nice relationship with Temari.

Konan has a passionate Love affair with Pein for many Chapters and they make out often arbitrarily for no apparent reason and can be seen in the manga holding hands everywhere they go.

Sai gets in a romantic relationship with Sasuke and pisses Naruto off as he runs away to be with him and Naruto still dose not get to see Sasuke. Before doing so Sai secretly sneaks out of the Village by the light of the full moon and meets Sasuke for romantic meetings Behind Naruto's back, without telling him, while Naruto is still looking for him.

Naruto gets a special Blood line Inhabitance limit that activates in battle for some reason Kishi pulls out of his ass.

Tsunade has a romantic relationship with Kakashi behind the Villages back.

Naruto becomes biter and darkness in his depression become a emo and the Kyuubi starts to merge with him.

Lee accidentally Kills Gai in a one in a million freak training accident but Vows to work harder in Gai's memory and develops into a truly elite Ninja but is never the same without Gai and drops some of his silly ways.

Neji professes his undying love to Tenten and she accepts him, he turns to her for comfort after Hiashi dies painfully and they train more together...Tenten becomes pregnant with Neji's Love child...and he vows to always protect the knocked up Tenten.