The more I speak the less I'm understood. First example, I once brought the idea of taking a break from school and getting my feet wet in the world to my mom, because I lack proper real world experience and whatnot. Well, my mom thought I was talking about quitting school entirely. So she exploded and gave me a big lecture about fuck if I remember. Recent example, I've been slowly trying to express my dissatisfaction with my tutoring sessions, but again I don't think my mom understands a word coming out of my mouth. I feel like we're speaking two different languages. I try to bring up one small thing and it explodes into something big. I know my mom works hard so I can go to school and have alot of things. I just think sitting in a tutor's office where I'm not getting any real help and I feel uncomfortable working at, I think the money going to that would be better spent elsewhere. Good lord, I hate going there. I work three times as fast at home then I do there. I hate college.