Hey second day and blog post and i must say i am quite outraged at some of the people in this forms my god how disgraceful can they get

I mean first we have some smoker dude linking annoying popups in his tag along with a lie of the owner of NT forms closing this place down due to legal issues .

and now this some douchie has given me a negitive Rating for no reason I demand to know why seriously. oh well no use getting all pissed about it if the person who wants to give me negitive comments then ill just let nature take its course

(Get em sasuke get em that aboy)

Anyway lets see what else is new...oh i had to edit my signiture cause the the naruto pic was way to big (not that big in my oppion)

So i was looking for naruto puics to replace it and what do i see COSPLAYERS GRRR I HATE COSPLAYERS seriously all i saw were geeks,idiots, The uglyest bunch of people i ever seen All dressed up as naruto or sasuke.

HENCE I WAS inspired to make a new addition to my Signiture in hopes it will prevent anymore retards from making an ass out of themselves on the internet if they do want to make an ass out of themselves let em join youtube >.<''

Hmm what else oh yeah i made a thread asking about hinata info just cause i am wondering how she is coming along under character devolpment. Hmm what else is there to say.

Nothing i guess so anyway latter days

Todays subs

All is going well no one suspects i plan on drugging and marrying naruto Excellent (Mr burns style hence the hand movments)

Leave me alone naruto i am having some self appreatiation time