He is the ultimate sign of the death of intellectualism in America. The success of this retarded jackass is proof we are all losing our minds. His humor is witless, like a six year old on a sugar buzz. Amusing at first then just annoying. I was thinking this to myself awhile back while walking around on campus. Somehow it brought me to alot of other seemingly unrelated thoughts such as the pseudo activist movement. Everyone has something bad to say about the government but no one has a solution. No one ever does anything. You can call Bush an idiot all you want but that doesn't stop the War in Iraq or this ridiculous war on the idea of terror. Revolutions aren't all thought, they have to have action behind them. I know it's easy to just sit around in your underwear blogging about what stupid thing the president did or said today. But how about doing something about it.( I know this sounds hypocritical, but I'm an unconnected socially inept student with no job. Though I am a registered voter.) We need to stop talking and start acting and I'm not even talking about at the polls, because democracy is one of the greatest jokes modern society has. I'm talking about harassing your local representatives/senators/governors/mayors to the point of insanity. For a true revolution the government must be shaken to it's very foundation. Every level must feel the fire.

How does the armchair revolutionary subject connect to Dane Cook? Well damn I'm gonna have to think about that one. It's 2:40 in the morning and my mental chains aren't linking as clearly. Mostly it's unrelated and inflammatory line to attract viewers. Though I do hate Dane Cook. His success proves people are no longer thinking. His comedy is plain and lacks any depth.

Alright back off of Dane Cook on to another rant. The War on Drugs and Smoking. I honestly believe the anti-drug/smoking ads are making the problem much worse. They provide unintentional advertisement for the products in question. I wouldn't be surprised if someone started smokin weed right after seeing one of those ads just to give society a big fuck you. Time has told us the younger generation tend to do the exact opposite of what the elders tell them to do. The anti ads add a certain dangerous mystique to the product in question in my opinion. As they say there's no such thing as bad publicity and drugs and cigarettes get a shitload of free publicity from those ads. Also the anti-smoking laws going around are making the people who already smoke closer. With social bonds added onto their addiction the smokers won't ever quit now.

God, is society becoming stupider or am I just getting smarter? I pray it's the latter.