(SIgh second time doing this same post >.>)

Recent anime I've started to watch:

Death Note:
I recently fell in love with "Death Note", but I had my doubts dispit others aprovals. At first i was thinking man, this is gonna be pretty dull. I was wrong the makers did there job and kept on point the whole time, making it a very thought provoking anime. One of the few animes that I couldn't see what would happen next, way before hand. Which is something I have started doing without trying :( . Over all it is a very good anime though, so to the makers of it i say thank you, and nice work.

Although, the ending did bug me, Light Yagami dies. Also after the death of "L" the show took a turn for a dull side. The addition of new characters after L's death, was a nice try. It was alright but compared to the begining, the original, L vs Light, Near vs Light wasnt very good. So in the end I ended up reading about, after watching the first couple of episiodes after L's death.

Kodomo no Jikan.
I found this one through a mod. Thanks to him by the by. This anime I adore. I appilies to my loli complex which I "might" have (At least for anime that is). The plot is about a new teacher that has started teach elementry kids. (Im sure you all can think of some things that might happen). Then there you add a girl who, wants the new teacher. And not just for education. The children of the class are givin a rather large vocab in the way of sexual things, and other words 3rd graders shouldnt say. Although, the most fanservice is mostly blocked by a annoying "e" (you will grow to hate that e ) Also the words they say are also blocked by crows ,horns and other random things.