Just read chapter 386.
I totally expected that.

But now I wonder if
Sasuke will still want to revive his clan, knowing the deep secret and bond two brothers will share. Elder brothers would always try to kill their younger brothers in the clan, if they find out about the mangekyou and whatnot. I can see the SasuNaru fans go wild.

So if you live in SoCal, specially in L.A. county, you must be hating all the rain. Rain for an entire week? Seattle?

The writer's strike is really pissing me off. My dad works in the industry and wont be able to receive insurance this year because he hasn't filled the 600 hour requirement. Umm, of course? There's no work!!! Both parties should stop being selfish and start thinking about the others.

(That was a selfish thought, but I really need the insurance for my allergies, as probably most others in the unions who have the same problem will need them as well.)