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There are 10 major planets astrologers look at in astrology. From a personal point of view, each of them influences different motivations of your actions. For example, Sun influences your ego and self-expression, Moon influences your emotional self and instinctive behaviors.

An astrological chart at a given moment tells you their relative locations on the sky from the observer (their house location) and the signs that they reflect to your location. It is the sign that the planet reflecting to Earth that gives it "qualities" (like a flavor or its own "traits") when we perceive it from Earth or when we "receive" its influence on Earth. The sign of a planet changes during their circulation in the solar system in such a way that a planet travels through all 12 signs in one cycle.

For example, we often hear people talk about what someone's Sun sign is and how it influences someone's personality, it's the sign of the planet, Sun, at the time of your birth. So you would likely display the expression of your Sun sign.

Why looking at the sign of the planet(s) at the time of your birth?

Note that we are actually under the planetary influence metaphysically everyday.

Yet it is believed that the astrological snapshot at the creation of an interaction will influence "that interaction" internally, like a mindwire.

So the astrological chart that records down the planetary positions at the time of your birth is the snapshot of sky at the beginning of the relationship between "you" and "the rest of the world, including your own body". It's called a natal chart.

Planetary location can modify how the planet will influence you, too. For example, how prominent its influence will be... It makes intuitive sense that when something is prominent in your natal chart, its effect on your general personality will also be major. In astrology, astrologers divide the sky into 12 quadrants (12 houses). There are 4 quadrants that affect your personality more than other quadrants (House 1, House 4, House 7, House 10). Planets falling in these 4 quadrants will be expressed more prominently.

On the other hand, each of the 12 houses has its own specific meaning such that the house that a planet locates will affect how you take in the energy of a planet. For example, people with the same Sun sign would all express certain set of characteristics, but they are not motivated to express the characteristics of this Sun sign the same way. Some express it after you get to know them after a while, and they are more comfortable with you. Some express their Sun sign in a more socially prominent way. One possible mechanism behind the difference could be the location/house of their Suns in their natal chart. His/her Sun will be on automatic mode to express itself when the person are in the circumstance represented by the house. For example, House 4 represents home, home-like shelter, root, foundation, and emotional stability. So a person with Sun in House 4 would be very comfortable expressing his/her Sun quality when his House 4 is activated (like when he is at home or be with people that he's very comfy with). A person with Sun in House 10, the House of social reputation, would be natural at expressing his Sun publicly or at work. This is an example of how the life circumstance will activate a natal house and prime an expression (the expression of the sign that the house overlay in the sky --the house has a sign, too!) and/or a planetary expression, if the house has a planet in it.

It is believed by the astrologers that together this natal chart is like a map that show how your motivations towards your life are wired (thus, it shows your personality to some extent). We can also put two charts together to provide astrological information about their interactions, or put a natal chart against the snapshot of sky at this current moment, next year, the year after the next, and so on, to get a sense of someone's life path.

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