And it's really too early in the day to have to admit this to myself. Soul-searching truths should only be encountered in the wee hours between nightmares when they are easily forgotten or relegated to the badly digested spawning ground of last nights chili con carne - or at the very least after a full day or being shuttled around humanity so you can blame the accumulated encounters for the brownian bruising of the psyche.

So it's my first blog and it's easy to say blogs are silly and spammy and useless and no one reads them and I don't care if anyone does anyway, neener, I'm too cool for blogs and they don't affect me /shell on.

Course when that one person who you really hope *is* interested in your innermost thoughts, as random and silly as they might be says "no, I don't need a link to your blog, I hate blogs, it's just you talking to yourself, yeah" you play it off all cool like "hahah yeah they're silly, I know!" and then slink off somewhere to nurse the proverbial wounds. What a big baby I am.

However that leads to the other reason for blogs - they are Emo-Lax: when you just gotta get everything out. (And you don't care if it results in a steaming pile).

Time for a mood adjustment - I can watch some mst3k and it'll cheer me up and i'll look back on this entry with shame and that weird squidgy feeling you get when you say something embarassing in public or possibly pass bad gas in a full elevator.