Hunter x Hunter = Absolute Win

When I first started HxH I didn't know what to expect really. For quite some time I've been hearing about how awesome it was and how it's favored by so many over other shounen titles such as Naruto and Bleach. To be honest I had a feeling building up inside of me that kept telling me that this would pull me in quicker than the previously mentioned titles.

So far, I can understand why so many love this series so much. It's hard for me to put in words but I can manage say that from all I've seen up to now, I absolutely love this series. Togashi manages to do shounen in a way that doesn't feel like the same old stuff that one can see through easily. That said, HxH has managed to surprise me more times than I can count. I can't remember one thing I predicted corrected but then again I stopped early and just allowed myself to enjoy the marvelous characters and the plot before me.

I'll be making more entries about HxH so rest assured I'm not done with my thoughts on the series just yet. :p