Ah, so you're curious about what I have to say?
Okay, this is my first blog entry and here I will tell random nubs or simply people who want to convert from X-tardism (like Nejitard, Gaitard or Leetard) to the holy Uchiha-legion.

1] Worship Uchihas, in all forms. All the way from not-so-strong Obito (if he worked hard, he probably would've become strong) to the strongest being in Naruto at the moment I'm writing this: Uchiha Madara. Don't let anybody tell you that Uchihas suck, are shit or whatnot. These people are just jealous because their favourite characters aint important to the plot and is now, by default, weak as hell. Envy is a sin indeed.

2] Defend Uchihas, in all forms. No Uchiha bashing will be accepted. If they throw one silly comment at the Uchihas, we throw back ten at them!

3] Recognize your fellow warriors. You should know who or who's not liking the Uchihas. Never, ever, rep a Uchiha-basher if it isn't a negrep for something silly they've written about Uchihas. If you can, once in a while you can pos-rep you fellow warriors so their neg-rep will hurt even more against the anti-Uchihas.

4] Remember LotU. If you don't know who this person is, do some research about him starting in from the Members list.

5] Uchiha is haXxX0rz to da maXxX0rz. Just look at Itachi, who pwned already at the age of 10/11. Look at the strongest being atm; Uchiha Madara. He bitchslaps Pein - the so called "strongest" character. Look at Sasuke, okay he's not the strongest YET but he will wtfpwn everybody except Naruto in the end. And last but not least, look at the reputation of the Uchiha clan. The most feared and strongest clan that existed before Itachi killed them. Also, you're told to run when you see a Uchiha 1on1.

6] Don't mind team GB, there's only a few who's true about their constant bashing of Uchihas. The recent overflow of nubs are just insecure and need a group to feel attached to. (Remember, this doesn't mean I hate team GB, as I have a couple of friends over there)