Please use the report button, it is there for a reason. Too often I see a bunch of people saying "this thread should be closed or locked" without anyone actually contacting me or anyone about it in any way aside from the posts within the thread itself. If you think a post is offensive, report it. If you think is flamebait, report it. If you know a post is in the wrong section, report it. <3

I am pretty easy going, with that said, there are certain comments that I find at least mildly annoying:
- "TLDR." (Alternatively, "I didn't read your post but I'll commend you for your efforts anyway because it must have taken a long time to type that all up.")
- "Your theory is stupid, you are stupid, go die in a fire," etc.
- "Noob." Particularly if no helpful comment follows.
- "So-and-so character sucks." Followed by no reasoning whatsoever.
- Responses composed of less than a sentence, like the simple "No way" or "I agree" without further elaboration.
- Telling someone to stop flaming...with a flame in return. Calling someone names in response is a sure way to get them to keep posting negative things.