Well. This is lovely cause I just got an extra $300+ in my pocket now :awesome . Heres how it goes! You may find that my grammer changes quite a bit.

I bought a 360 and then it broke. I called Microsoft and they said I need to send it back to them so they could fix it. I said ok whatever. They send you a box which you put your broken 360 in and send it to Microsoft. i asked how long? They said 3-4 weeks. This is the day Halo 3 came out so im like WTF!! I WANNA FKING PLAY NAO U PIECE OF SHYT COMPANYY!!!!TOH@Qhbjf. So I'm like Wait! I have a warranty from BestBuy! WOOT! So I go to best buy and exchange it for a new one. So I have my new one and I play Halo 3 wooot fun fun yay im lootenent pr0! So then 1 week or less after I called Microsoft and got new 360 I get an empty box which I'm supposed to use to send my 360 in it. I don't use it. Cuz i dunt need it. 4 Weeks later. I get another box. ZOMG WTF IS DAT? A 360 WOAHS! So its been 2-3 weeks and Microsoft hasn't said anything ;o. So i get a phree 360 >D and I already had 1 xD!