As the title states what do you think about his child hood and life.

To tell you the truth i tought his childhood was deppressing he couldnt prove himself to his father. Couldnt understand his family problems. Had The pressure to be equal to or better than itachi while he was trying to find his own path. He viewed his parents death and the downfall of his Clan.His own borther couldnt stand him. Having to take in everyones critizism of being the only one alive. All this made sasuke what he is Farther on in the story line. He wouldnt be seeking and gainig his power if it wasnt for his the death and downfall of his clan. But at the same time all these loses come to great gain in his part. He Earned a higher sharingan. He learned Chidori. He gained CS form. and farther on gained CS2 and Learned how to control it. Earned alot more Jutsu's and got most or Orochimaru's power While also defeting him. If he didnt gain all these loses he wouldnt have been so strong. Thts wat i think