Indeed how did it all happen? To be honest, this is actually pretty funny how I got involved in the community of Hyuugacest. To be really honest, I never heard of the word "i*c*st" when I first joined the club:oh Yep.

I wasn't into Naruto much because of its fandom, it gets annoying and I wasn't going to put up with it. I was always "Yuu Yuu Hakusho 4 EVER!!!" and it remains my favorite of all time. But anyways, it was then my close friend introduced me to the anime.

So I began reading the manga (nope, never seen the t.v series) and well so far so good it was turning out to be pretty interesting. I was a newbie so I didn't really look into the charateristics much, I'm being honest. This was back then when I thought Sakura was a total bitch (much respect for her now), I felt sorry for Naruto (still do), and I thought Sasuke was cool (he still is).

Then later on I saw Hinata, she seemed to be such an odd person because of her eyes. I was really and actually surprised because her eyes are just white. When I saw the way she was blushing and poking her index fingers and such, the way she interacts with Naruto.

And no, I wasn't a NaruHina fan back then because the only thing that came to my mind was "Cute" but I noticed that Naruto doesn't notice her. The more I read the more I felt sorry for Hinata because she seems like this docile and passive person with a crush on someone. Now we go the best part when I first saw Neji, thought he was a jerk (now I respect him).

The Chuunin Exams when they both battled got me intruiged and felt sympathetic towards both of them. Hinata considered "worthless" and Neji's "rage" towards her. That battle made be cry because I felt a lot during that one battle, it was filled with so much emotion between them. Then came Neji's battle with Naruto and it helped me understand why he was so angry.

However, it still didn't click so how did I end up liking the two of them together? Simple, I began looking for pictures of them because I was curious. I wanted to see a nice Neji treating Hinata well, that was when I first saw a picture of Neji kissing her on the lips.

Didn't freak me out at all it just baffled me because I was like "wait, they're cousins" again, out of curiosity I kept looking at more pictures and was so intruiged and even amazed by it. In my mind I was like "I wonder if there are any stories about them?" That's when I started to search for fanfictions so I was hunting them down until I read a few. The first one I read was Rosemary For Rememberance by Sintari I was blown out of my seat from that one.

I wanted to read more and more fics but I couldn't find anymore and was disappointed, boom I discovered the first page of Hyuugacest Fanclub and saw all the fanfics listed. I began reading all of them and loved them all, looked through the pictures and doujins and was just amazed:amuse

At first I was a bit shy to enter because I wasn't sure how I was going to interact with them, after days and hours of thinking I finally got the nerve to join because in the end I've become a NejiHina fan. All because of one picture changed my entire viewing, that was before I began to realize how much preciousness can come out of NejiHina. It's weird but yeah, and you might say that when I was in the FC it was when I actually learned "i*c*st".

Yep, joined before even reading:p But now I know and I know how it's different in so many ways and I know that majority don't like NejiHina at all. I can respect that. So anyways, that was how I became a Hyuugacest Fan and I give thanks to that one picture I saw. Kind of interesting how things turned out to be:laugh