The bible implies that God is self-evident (Romans 1:20). Why, then, are there so many believers of other religions? And those that believe in none? There is no self-evidence for God.

A kind and just God would not give us a brain and free will, and then punish us for using it. There is no evidence for God, and no modern miracles to show for it. Lack of evidence doesn't necessarily mean that God cannot exist, but, it does indicate that God needs to be treated with skepticism. I treat God the same way I do leprechauns and unicorns: so patently ridiculous that it's hard to believe in it.

I've already given my treatise on the incompatibility of science and religion. [here]

Let's say that God DID create the universe. Where did God come from? Oh, he doesn't need a creator? Why does the universe need one, then? If God could have simply existed, then why not the universe?

If God DID create the universe, the world and all life within it, why hide it? Why does the world appear to be so old? Why not give us a sign, some sort of proof? If he made the world to appear old, or made the universe and hid his own existence, then that makes God the great deceiver and make Him into a liar.

Why would God lie to us and then punish us for believing His lies?