I recently saw Mysterious Skin if anyone has heard about it.
After watching it, I've been getting memories, almost like flashbacks...from when I was a young kiddo, maybe 7-8 years old. My father and his woman were breeding and training dogs, and at the time I would join then, and at the gatherings this brother of one of their friends invited me home at his a week later, to play some game (this was before i got my own computer and i loved that game)
When I was there, after playing a while, he was having his hand at my thigh all the time, but after some time his hand went up to my crotch...and he was feeling me...I remember getting scared and thats all I can remember, after that all black.
That movie made me remember cuz it was like in the movie..being tricked with words..
I feel very weird now, freaked out.. :cry
Have I been sexually abused or molested? Did that in my subconsiousness sort of lead to me turning bi? I dont know what to think anymore, at this time in my life were im struggling so much and having a hard time...:(