I decided I wanted to write something here, but I couldn't decide what, so here's what seems to be floating around. It may get a bit stream-of-consciousness.

I'm pretty sure there are no ordinary moments in life. There's something fascinating to be found everywhere, something slightly different to be found each time you walk the same path. Sometimes you just need a slight shift in perspective.

I don't like how easily people miss the nuances of minor characters in films. Like the racist cop in Crash, and how the entire point of the movie is that he's a good guy and he's racist, and you have to find a way to reconcile that.
Or Coraline's mother, how she's trying really hard... sometimes. That's a big deal for her character and the point of the movie.
I love Coraline, by the way. It's so fucking whimsical.

I suppose the corollary to both of these is that there are no ordinary people, either.

I have a friend who's never happy anymore. I think she thinks she doesn't have the time to be, which is weird because being happy takes almost no time at all.

I have a magic trick I like to do with a deck of cards. I have someone pick a card, and without showing it to me, put it anywhere in the deck. Then I shuffle it for awhile. Then I let them shuffle it a bit. Then I shuffle it some more, let them cut it, and reveal the top card.
One in 52 times, I absolutely blow someone's mind. The other 51, it's a good laugh.

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman, playing Call of Duty, and watching animated movies like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in copious amounts lately, which, let me tell you, results in REALLY WEIRD DREAMS.