So the other day I was in downtown Dallas. Left the building where I work at to go get lunch at the Mcdonalds near it. It was walking distance so I walked. I get their and order my lunch and decided to bring it back to work and eat their. Well one thing about downtown Dallas it has alot of homeless people. So as I walked, I was approached by two man, and they didn't ask for money. They asked for my food, so I said I don't have enough or all of us would you like 3 dollars to get you all a burger. They said no we want your food, I didn't understand their logic at all. Anyways they began to squar off around me and tried to grab my food. So after awhile I was like I'm just give it to you fuck it my life is more important. And as I was going to give it to them they asked or the three dollars. And thats when I said for fucks sake and started to walk off. Luckily some security guards were near by and helped out. Its a shame, I never wish people ill but damn come on.