Every scan that I'm showing is in chapter 614

I hear a commonly dumb argument saying that Hinata could've used her eyes to find a medical ninja to help Naruto. If that's then why didn't Neji & the 3rd Hyuga try to find 1? It's because there wasn't 1 available.

Naruto asked for a medical team, but Neji said that he thought that he was done, which we all know was. If there was a medical team available they would've shown up the moment Naruto asked for 1.


The spikes were going at a rapid pace & the 3rd Hyuga said that Hinata air palms wouldn't be sufficient. That's why Hinata was trying to use her body to protect Naruto from the spikes.


Hinata is the scapegoat because Neji had a popular fanbase. If Hiashi had died instead no one would blame Hinata at all for his death. I wasn't happy about Neji's death either, but there was nothing that Hinata could've done to prevent that from happening.