...I am an Uchihatard.

I've literally been in denial about it for months. I tried to convince myself that I only loved Itachi because he was in Akatsuki and I was an Akatsukitard. I tried to claim that I didn't really give a damn about the rest of the clan (with the possible exception of Shisui).

But I find myself thinking about Sasuke more and more often (when I think about Naruto in general). I find that I don't hate him as much as I did a few months ago. I find that... I really don't hate him at all. He's intriguing. He's complex. He's... Uchiha.

It's time to stop pretending. I am an Uchihatard. A fullblown, sharingan loving, genjutsu obsessed Uchihatard. And that, as they say, is that.

Though Sasori and Deidara are still more awesome in every way. :pek