I was originally going to post after coming back from Balls of Fury. But I'll guess I'll have to post again.

Today I come to you with untainted glory to present nothing! That's right absolutely nothing! Hardly the greatest gift but also not the worst. I'm here with nothing. The purest form of everything. So in a sense I'm giving you everything by giving you nothing. That's the magic of conceptional opposite extremes. By presenting you with nothing I give you room to expand that nothing into everything. I'm giving you a clean canvas onto which you can paint anything. The past, the present, the future.

What is it you want? Is the next question to ask I guess. But do I really have the right? Perhaps not but I can hope you'll grant me it. Whatever you want is now possible because I have given you nothing to turn into everything and out of everything can come your fondest hopes. I hope you can understand what I'm conveying today.

So on that note, I bid you adieu.