sorry i'm going to take a few minutes of your time, right now, but i really felt like actually talking even to myself if no one will bother to answer to this message.

first of all, i have to say that i've only been here sinec the day i turned 18, that is in late october. i only signed in cause my best friend from school, who is also one of the well-known members of NF, kamishiro yuki, asked me to. ok, well said than done.

as it would have been expected, i got through some pretty hard times here: no one liked me at the beginning, i had hard times accommodating... for a few days i even stayed depressed on this unacceptance.

but i managed to pull through.

i'm doing pretty fine now... rather fine, better said than "pretty". because tehre are still soem problems to be fixed up but i'm trying my best to make a way through the peoploe around here. after all, we are so many and so different one from each other that you'd find almost impossible to get along with anyone here.

well, that's it, i guess... i only wrote this just so i would take a bit of my shoulders' burden away from their places... call it a mini-confession. it can be answered by whomever feels rather concerned.