I am very creative. I play many diffrent instruments. I also like to draw Naruto(the show in general). I draw Naruto, older Naruto, Sasuke, older Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Itachi, and lots of made-up-charcters! And I also drew a comic book(with a friend).

Spoiler: For people who want to hear about the comic book
The comic is about the main charcters(and others)of shows we watch. It's called: The Big Fight. It's about fighting over the better conditioner: Suave or Herbal Essence. This comic is crazy in a funny way! The charcters are: Naruto (from Naruto,duh), Bo Bobo(from Bo Bobo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bobo), Inuyasha(from...Inuyasha), Serena(from Sailor Moon), Buety(from Bo Bobo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bobo), Yugi(from Yu-Gi-Oh), Luffy(from One Piece), Ichigo(from Bleach), Sasuke(from Naruto), Aang(from Avatar), Jelly Jiggler(from Bo Bobo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bobo(I know I spelled "Jiggler" wrong)) my friend and I. They fight and fight blah, blah, blah. Than my friend and I come out and tell them to mix them(we also come outin the middle and tell them we're the creators and blah). The mixture comes out perfectly. At the end of the story there is a big group picture of all of us!
Spoiler: For the poeple who want to here the whole story (which I doubt)
Plese pm me and I wil pm back you the script

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