my second tiem i do that shit lol

well not much i can said

working, get pay, get money for a travle i have plannin gof 3 years, yeah 3 years, posting in nf and see hentai

what a life not you think? hehe

well right now my anime girl is sakura haruno, yeah the pink haire girl fron Kohona, i dont know why i love her but is not mistery seeyin i love winry fron fma, Lita fron sailor moon, miriya from robotech(macross too) rook from robotech(mospeada too) and beside otehr millons anime girls, but that why i have and other i dont rebember now was important

and right now i have everythign fron her

(sakura againg)

wallpaper, sakura gif in my username, a set (my sign will fix very soon hehhee), other ava fron sakura but diferent place and style, and beside doing a avm about her but hentai style :hehee

beside i begin(ya anther matters and stoping my obsecion about sakura :hehee) I begin the neji show and somehow i cant continue.. still finish hwat i have write and becuase of teh work and spam too

but what i have see i have fan already is good

and now in real life well, i have a fiance who i love sooo much and she is a member of NF, in the begin i was like mistery and said where i was posting but later tell her and said be a member too and well she is there

is dman san valetin and was good i can said, but in the night when i was coming to home we stop in my cousing house and well my father who drive that night who is today, need go otehr place (thing of him otehr job) and well i was in my cousing house bored and seeying tv

and when i back was late and well my baby leave to sleep, soo i sure tomorro will get the fun we not get today hehehehe

bside that was fun today

i get sobredosis of sugar and sweet and really i need salt to fix it

love mix salt and sweet

have crazy sabor :hehee

well that is for now to write

oh yeah, im searching for new sakura haruno hentai, more yuri ones :hehee

i said, Ino only good is when she is lesbian XD

that bicht

well that for now