I just realized that I've written just a single blog in the last two months. That's pretty telling, in a number of ways. I've gotten my head in order somewhat, I've finally found a couple of people who are really great for when I can't, and I've simply graduated from this place and found more exciting and interesting things to do.

So, this is really a farewell of sorts.

Thanks for reading, people. Always been a pleasure to see how you responded to these. Thanks for writing, too; one of the few things I still enjoy here is reading some of the other blogs. Mashy, Conner, and Dawn, you three especially are brilliant minds that have really come to life here at times. It's been really interesting to see you put yourselves into the pen.

I'll perhaps see some of you around, but this is my unofficial retirement from blogging... and most other NF stuff, really. I might post from time to time, but you won't see that much of me.

Enjoy life.