Well this was certainly a nice episode. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at all of it.

Some points:

- The Super Sentai thing they had going with the "Three Stooges" was hilarious. Especially when they made "Hayata-kun" Orange.

- All the Death Note references. Instant Classic.

- Nagi and Hina surprisingly get along very well... even with that "for Hinagiku-san's sake" stuff.

- "Thank you sports pants".

- I felt really sad for Hayate in the end, all of his efforts ended up doing nothing.

- Segawa deserves credit for writing such an "interesting" report... I suppose she did have fun with "Hayata-kun". Lots of fun alright, if you know what I mean. :p (No, what I'm implying didn't happen, but it would've been fun). Seriously, Hina's reaction was what really made it funny. Without that, that entire scene would be stupid. But putting non-existant connotations in it is always fun.

My final rating: 8/10