Don't deny it, it's true. There was a recent battledome thread titled "Haruhi Suzumiya vs. Thanos with the Heart of the Universe", and people were actually arguing for her!

If you don't understand how idiotic that is, let me put things in perspective:

Franklin Richards can warp reality and create universes. In fact, going by actual demonstrated feats, he's far more powerful than Haruhi. However, it was stated that his power is dwarfed by that of a single Celestial. Eternity created all of the Celestials by subconsciously meditating. Eternity is just the embodiment of one universe; Multi - Eternity is the combined embodiment of all the universes in the 616 multiverse (an infinite number). Reed Richards, using the Ultimate Nullifier, killed Multi - Eternity, destroying the entire multiverse, and then recreated it exactly the way it was before, minus Abraxas. That's already infinitely more powerful than Haruhi (destroying and recreating infinite universes compared to one).

But wait, that's not all! The Magus, using an incomplete Infinity Gauntlet (missing the reality gem), easily reversed a blast by the UN back on its wielder, and teleported the thing into his hand.

The Living Tribunal overruled the power of the complete Infinity Gauntlet, and shut it down so it would never work again. The LT has also been shown effortlessly spinning two Megaverses in the palm of his hand. (A megaverse = infinite multiverses, each of which = infinite universes).

Thanos with the HOTU absorbed the Living Tribunal, as well as Eternity and Infinity and all of the other cosmic beings assembled against him, and all of omni - reality in the omniverse (infinite megaverses).

If your attention span was too short to read all of that, a basic summary is that the Heart of the Universe is more powerful than a being which is infinitely more powerful than an object which is infinitely more powerful than another object which is infinitely more powerful than Haruhi.

So, in conclusion: Haruhi wankers are retarded.