Finally watched the dub of Haruhi, was pretty fun actually. Definitely one of the best anime dubs I've seen in a while, but maybe that's because they listened to fan input for it. I mean, they were originally going to go with "psychics" but went with "ESPers" due to fan demand.

The only thing that has me a little annoyed is Haruhi's voice, but it's not really a bad voice... it just doesn't fit well at all when it's coming out of a 16 year old girl's mouth. I would've like it if they used Kari Wahlgren, but she seems to be doing well voicing Tsuruya.

One thing that really got to me was the use of "the death penalty" instead of "heads will roll"... I liked the latter translation better, but the former came out funnier. I suppose it's a good thing.

It was really great how English voices made Kyon's narration in episode "00" much more hilarious.