Legacy of Kain: Defiance has earned a new category of "suck" in my personal annals. If I had a mental display case of things that have pissed me off, it has received its own special shelf near the top.

A game should never be hard because of its bloody fucking controls. Thats right, I said a dirty word. Controls.

Seriously - my bf was playing it, telling me about the ongoing legacy of the great-story and it piqued my interest - he mentioned in passing a couple times that the controls weren't that great tho but I couldn't have imagined the quality of suck these things have. What spastic, caffeine-supplied, ADHD monkey was left to program that aspect of the game? Honestly.

If anyone here loves the series, go read a spoiler to get the details of the story, bring some popcorn, it's worth a read. But play it? Only if you're into self-flagellation of the mental type.

I finished the game a short bit ago and when I deleted it from my harddrive I felt a small shiver of unadulterated joy course down my spine.

Have at thee, foul beasty!