Great White Owl said:
@Believe It, what's that story about?

Jack Murtha accused some marines of killing Iraqi civilians in cold blood even though they had not been tried or even charged yet.


In fact, they were probably only charged because of Murtha's slander against them. He called them murderers before finding out all the information on what happened.


Then in the trial a robot plane's footage was shown proving that there was an IED explosion that claimed one marine's life. The comrades then pursued the insurgents responsible into a house and they waited outside ordering them to surrender. They responded with bullets, so the marines, like true soldiers, went in and killed the insurgents. Some civilians were caught up in the crossfire and were killed. However, those civilians were acting as human shields, which makes them as bad as the insurgents in my opinion. The robot plane captured the IED explosion and following battle on video.

Well, after we won that battle a bunch of Iraqi civilians cried wolf and accused the marines of killing in cold blood. This story was somehow leaked and Murtha heard about it. He then took the side of the lying Iraqi's and accused the marines during a news conference.

To make a long story short, the trial went forward and the marines were cleared of all charges since the evidence backed them up. This is AFTER their families had to sell their houses and belongings in order to pay for a lawyer to represent their sons in military court. Doctor Michael Savage also raised funds for them through the Thomas Moore Law Center by talking about this story in great detail and encouraging his listeners to donate.

The only one left on trial is Col. Chessani, the troop leader who is accused of losing control of the situation and dereliction of duty because he did not investigate the battlefield fast enough to someone's liking.

Other highlights of this include CNN running part of the robot plane's footage but cutting out the part that show the insurgents running into the house to use as shelter and the marines issuing their warnings, as well as Time Magazine publishing insurgent propaganda.


There as also been an ambush questioning by a reporter who grilled Murtha on his slander of our U.S. troops.


The point is, Bush could have ended all of that with a few pardons. But no, he allowed our troops to be persecuted for doing their jobs too well, their families to go bankrupt, and our military's morale to drop. And what does he do instead? He "pardons" two frickin' turkeys. :mad

But it seems that justice will be served. Murtha is now being sued by those marines for deformation and violation of their constitutional rights to a fair hearing.


I hope Murtha is sued for everything he's worth and thrown in prison for sedition. Believe it!