I am SO pissed right now.

Okay, so for school, one of my electives this semester is art, right? Well, it's been fun... except for the past few days. Friday, I lay a piece of cardboard on top of some black paint (accidentally). AND because I have to cut the cardboard with flimsy shitty scissors, I put it on my lap and got black paint ALL OVER my pants. The worst thing is, it's ACRYLIC paint. v_v Luckily, my Dad picked me up shortly after that to go to Fishers for a soccer tourney. No problems on Monday. But then, today, something happened that was TOTALLY not my fault. I was going to ask my art teacher a question, when this dumb*ss behind me with a yellow paint can (no lid) DROPS the can, which splatters all over the floor and the back of my pants, socks, and new sneakers.

*pulls hair out* Wait until my Mom comes home and sees what my pants look like >_<

Oh yes, and Avatar in the UK. Apparently, they're getting THE FIRST 10 SEASON 3 EPISODES WITHIN FIVE DAYS. What the hell, man? Those of us in America won't see all of these until Thanksgiving weekend... This proves just how much American Nickelodeon HATES Avatar. They just can't see that shows like Tak and the Power of Juju and Back at the Barnyard. They're JEALOUS and STUPID and UNDER-APPRECIATIVE. >_<!!