All hail to Yoko Kanno!

This is the first blog entry of my life.And I've decided,I should edit it.since it was too depressed,even I couldn't bear it.I was a liar if I'd say that I'm the happiest entity in the world,I have good moods and bad moods,like anybody else.My last two weeks were not too good because of certain circumstances,but it's over now.And last night while I've talked a lot with one of my friends I've realized that they need the green bird,that more easygoing and funny version of me,who has a bit twisted sense of humor,and makes them laugh and surprised,and sometimes scared.And I want to be like that again,for them and for myself.
I am the green bird.I fear of nothing (snails are the exceptions :p ),and if nobody wants to hear me,I'll fly to the skies and sing for the stars.

And I'm going to change my sig,too :)