Thank you very much

So thank you very much.
For blinding me, for making me fell in love,
To make me see or feel what it feels like to know,
How beautiful it was and how perfect it felt,
And for making me whole again.

So thank you very much,
For wanting me, for needing a friend,
To make me feel safe and sound around you,
?What happiness had I ever missed??
And for healing my depressed heart.

So thank you very much,
For saving me and for knowing me,
To make me feel I?m wanted and needed again.
Making me say ?I love you? many times again,
And for loving me as I am.

So thank you very much,
For hurting me, for crushing me apart,
To make me hurt and fenced with darkness,
Alone and lonely in the darkest depths of my heart,
And for walking away with another being.

So thank you very much,
For weakening me, for darkened the part of me that loved you,
To make me see the world as thorny as it was,
As you were the one who stabbed me and bled my blood out,
For you had my heart and hold it still.

In this hectic, sadistic, pathetic...

In this hectic, sadistic, pathetic parade,
I always hear my damn little heart ache,
To be bind in thorns; sliced through my flesh,
I always bear and for you I never try to disgrace,
For I was used but honestly; I?ve never felt so great,
I always was innocent and a puppet for your appetite.

In this hectic, sadistic, pathetic guild,
I was here for you to use as to be ill,
To be grasped tightly by your powerful hand,
I was here for you to apprehend,
For I was born to be torn over and over,
I was here for you to preach from going under.

In this hectic, sadistic, pathetic world,
I live for you and bear to keep on hold,
To be hurt and wounded as much as for you,
I live for hatred and vengeance to deliver for you,
For I was born under your hateful strings,
I live for you to be as a puppet.

In this hectic, sadistic, pathetic soul,
I yearn for you to love, to want and to hold,
To be yours and yours truly ever yours,
I yearn for that as I wish upon the wishing stars,
For I yearn for love, hope and sincerity,
I yearn to see of that what you see of me.

If they think I?m crazy

If I walk passed them,
And made them whisper,
If I had no friends,
And sat in the corner,
Then they would think that I?m crazy,
But I wouldn?t care.

If I never score well,
And still be calm,
If I never was good at sport,
And still can punch them well,
Then they would made me glare,
And they would tremble.

If I had long hair,
And keep them over my face,
If I had thick make-ups,
And made their eyes widen,
Then I was crazy to them,
But I couldn?t care less.

If I was alone at home,
And they would think I?m mad,
If I was dark and depressed,
And they would never think twice,
Then they should all go to hell,
Because I think that?s just where they came from.

A living fairytale

She walks by the streets,
That girl she seemed so lonely,
Every time she passed people would shiver,
What grim would she hold deep inside?
Oh, I daren?t say.

She buys things of superstitions,
That girl she seemed so lost,
Every time she speaks she seemed to cast a spell,
What wrath does she hold?
Oh, I daren?t say.

She does of things that man doesn?t do,
That girl she seemed so strange,
Every time she looks she sent shivers to my bones,
What was that flame that burns in her evil eyes?
Oh, I daren?t say.

She said of things that weren?t real,
That girl she seemed happy but hurt,
Every time she laughs and cries it wonders me more,
What was that she is deep inside?
Oh, I daren?t know.

She knows of all things that man had known,
That girl she seemed so clever,
Every time she thinks it was the bright idea,
What was in her that made she thinks that way?
Oh, I daren?t know.

She has the kind of perfect life I wished,
That girl had all that she could have,
Every time she brags I wanted to be her,
What would I do to be her?
Oh, I daren?t know.

She has all of perfections,
That girl who?s staring back at me,
Every time I glance at the glassy mirror,
What was I thinking of myself?
Oh, I thought I?ve said.