W00t what a great week for my sport teams, Manchester United and Philadelphia Eagles.

United got a 2 nil win against Chelski, even if it was a lil bit controversial. Cant complain though, since the "special one" is gone. Poor Jose lol, he would marry himself if he were gay and thats a quote.

Avram Grant is a hybrid between Shrek and Martin Jol :lmao

Eagles were unstoppable against the Lions. 56-21, Philly didnt even break a sweat with Curtis, Westbrook and McNabb playing like crazy. Suck on that you fuckin critics, Donovan McNabb is da man!!:yell A perfect 158.3 passer rating is rare as hell and he got it.

Anyways, just had to say that out loud. If only the NBA season started so my Houston Rockets can open a can of whoop-ass on all your teams' sorry asses XD