One fine day, you might decide that you need to leave Narutoforums. So you go into the lounge, the Blender, the Bath-House, or Spy Smasher's Sexy Shack, to say your goodbyes.

After being mocked viciously you slink away from the forums in shame, never to be heard from again. Eventually everyone forgets about you.

You don't have to be forgotten when you leave Narutoforums. No, we staff are here to make your exit from these forums as quick and as easy as possible. We'll even hold the door for you so it doesn't hit you in the ass.

So here's a few ways to get banned from Narutoforums.

1. Be a jackass

2. Troll Persistently

3. Ask for a ban

4. Taunt Happy Fun Ball

5. Post pornographic images outside the Bath-House.