Alright so here's the deal. I'm making this for an info page to link into my many various signatures to hopefully get some crew of retards together to play/test out this game I made.

Oh and to weed out probably 99% of anyone who comes here right away, this game lacks graphics as it's entirely text with some maps I've made. If you've got an imagination though it can be fucking fun though.

Here's some of the basic information and highlights of it.

-Plays like Final Fantasy Tactics (Or basically an SRPG or for shut ins, like Chess.) basically meaning that while there's lots of depth it's simple. If you're not stupid anyway.
-There's over 30 different professions your characters can be.
-Each profession can be combined with another for an assload of combos and strategies.
-There's also over 10 different races your characters can be, each granting different advantages.
-An assload of weapons to use to kill things, really the list of different types is rather decent.
-In my theme of trying to make a game (especially an sRPG) much more realistic you can do just about anything you can imagine your character doing realistically so you're not limited to simply attacking/moving/healing etc.

I've also got an epic-tastic storyline to make things interesting as well.

Anyway I'm looking for some bums that would be interested in aiding me to test out the engine/balance and possibly even enjoy playing it. Looking for a minimum of 3 players, ideally 5 and each with a fair amount of time every so often to play.

If you're interested contact me on AIM as Verdius or for uh, MSN.