Use the power of the Wii-mote to ward off attacks!

The controls, while fairly simple, are fairly involved as well. Movement is handled by the analog stick on the nunchuk. Z locks onto targets. C centers the camera behind Travis. The control pad on the Wii-mote manually moves the camera. The A button is your attack (hold down for a charged attack), and holding the Wii-mote high or low changes your stance. The B button uses a Beat Attack (with your feet versus Beam Katana) and is useful for stunning enemies. When the enemy is stunned, you can grab them with B, and use a wrestling move on them by swinging the Nunchuk and Wii-mote in the shown directions, it's really fun. The (-) button uses a stock to Activate something called "Anarchy in the Galaxy". When you finish off an enemy (by swinging the Wii-mote in the shown direction) with a finishing attck, a reel will start on the bottom of the screen (think slots). Certain combinations give you certain boosts (one allows Travis to shoot beams of energy from his Katana, sweet!), but getting 777 gives you a stock for "Anarchy in the Galaxy", which is basically super mode, initating a HUGE explosion that destroys EVERYTHING. (+) pauses the game and takes you to the menu screen. The 1 button enters charge mode. When you use the Beam Katana, you use up it's battery (which is shown on the side of the screen). Luckily, you can charge it up. Just enter this mode and shake the Wii-mote up and down to charge it. When a weapon clash occurs (see picture above), swing the Wii-mote around clockwise to drive your opponent back, thus stunning them for a finisher or a grab. Another innovative touch is when Sylvia (the girl who tips you off to Ranked fights, etc.) calls you before you enter battle with the ranked Assassin. Your phone rings, and it plays out the speaker in the Wii-mote, making you hold it up to your ear to hear her. Very nice touch.

Getting around on the "world map" is fun as well. To mount your "crotch rocket", hit A by it. Acceleration is handled by A, braking is with B. Holding B down while at a standstill makes you go in reverse. Steering is handled by the analog stick. Holding down Z will activate the booster (when the guage is full). Hitting the 1 button will call your bike, which your friend grudingly drops off for you. Getting off your bike is as easy as hitting down on the control pad. Hitting C while ON the bike will switch through several views as well.



Travis shows off his Beam Katana to the natives...

Suda 51's No More Heroes isn't the most beautiful game on the Wii, but it does a very good job of conveying the mood of the scene. Very heavily shaded at points with cel shaded graphics otherwise, No More Heroes does a good job of showing the grit and toughness of the setting of Santa Destroy and the battles that ensue throughout it. With well animated Cut Scenes and AWESOME voice work, this game is a sure fire cult hit (as I mentioned earlier) very similar in looks to Killer 7 for the Gamecube. It wins no awards for best looking game on the Wii, but it's perfect for the setting of the game.


Wow... that chick's angry!

Overall, No More Heroes is a very satisfying experience. You actually feel as if you were there with Travis, with the amount of control they put into the game. With nice music (a bit of hip hop and rock, respectively), an AWESOME Voice cast, well done graphics and story, and tight, responsive gameplay, No More Heroes is one of those games the DEFINATELY sucks you in and won't let you go (and trust me, I stayed up til' 4 am playing it, due to lost time, lol). If you're a fan of random, extreme violence and a loveable anti-hero (or is he?), then this is the game for you. So, what're you waiting for? Santa Destroy is waiting for you... as are 10 hungry Assassins...​