Once in a great while, there comes along a game that is considered a "cult classic" or "cult hit." It happened before with the release of Killer 7 for the Gamecube, and now, it strikes again on the Nintendo Wii. To say that No More Heroes is fun would be a gross understatement. Very few, nowadays, are games that will suck you in and not let you go... to escape back to reality. So sit down and buckle up, because we're about to dive head first into Travis Touchdown's world of Santa Destroy, California...


Travis Touchdown... Anime/Pro Wrestling fan, and all around cool cat.

First off, a bit about the story. You play as Travis Touchdown, a HUGE Anime and Pro Wrestling fan who lives in a Hotel appropriately named "No More Heroes." He lives with his cat, Jeane, who reminds him of... well... can't spoil it all now. Travis, one day, receives a Beam Katana (think lightsaber, only different) in the mail due to his otaku (anime fan) ways. This spurs on a thought. "Hey, why not become an assassin?" Any normal person would do that, right? Well, now, Travis enters the Assassins Society of Santa Destroy, and is ranked number 11, or bottom of the barrel. Your job? Climb up the ranks of the Assassins and become number 1. How does this equate to gameplay? Simple. Think of No More Heroes as a hack n' slash with substance. You basically start the game on your first mission to take out #10 and claim his spot as your own. After going through the tutorial (it's worth it, trust me), you set out to find said Assassin and knock him from his throne. Most missions (or Ranked Fights, as they're later reffered to) consist of you plowing through henchmen to get to the main target. It's mostly straightforward. You then reach the boss, have one HUGE over the top fight, and claim the spot, should you defeat him/her. You're then congratulated, and told of the next ranked fight... whoch will cost you $150,000. WHOA!! HOW DO I GET THAT MUCH MONEY!? Simple. You have to find a job, be it physical labor at the Part Time Job place, or Assassination hits. One you earn enough money, you can go to the ATM (yes, you have to deposit the money), and then go back home to receive the info on the next fight.

Sounds simple enough, right? Yeah... but gathering money is the bulk of the journey, and getting more money isn't a bad thing either. Shops will open up later on, which allows you to upgrade your Beam Katana, buy new clothes (woo hoo for customization!), rent videos to learn new wrestling moves (moreon that later), train with your mast, Thunder Dragon Ryu (this ups combos, vitality, strength). All of these activities cost money, and training requires you to go through some Wii-mote wagging mini games as well. Most of the jobs require the use of the Wii-mote as well, and have a time limit, but are VERY fun and a good source of money. After all is said and done, you return home and get the info for the next fight. While at home, you have the following options. You can change your outfit (Closet), listen to messages for info (Telephone, which is also a fax machine), view the map of Santa Destroy (Map), switch Beam Katanas (Drawer). Also, you can raid the fridge to restore health (Fridge), play with the cat, Jeane (Jeane), watch TV to learn new moves (Television), look at your card collection (Cards), or save your game (Toilet, lol), and exit to Santa Destroy (Exit). The more you progress, the more things open up in Santa Destroy. And going from place to place is easy with the use of your motorcycle as well. Jobs, Assassination hits, Ranked Fights and all the other stuff will have you scouring the map to get from location to location, but it's quite fun, and much akin to GTA, minus you only have one vehicle, but you can ram into poles and run people over as well... fun, huh?​