O Gackt, the first entry. xD Let's see...

Here you will probably find Naruto Fanfiction by me...plus other random scheiss. But, I guess, fanfiction, because I've already got my HQ for general blogging. I do have a fanfiction.net account for my fanfiction, though I believe it's good to post it multiple places to gain popularity and such. And in case one crashes...xD

Like storing money in multiple banks, ne?

And so, I'll take this opportunity to list the two fanfictions I have already begun undergoing creation;

Title: Rainbow Flower Hidden in Ice
Rating: PG-12[poss. R]
Genre: Adventure/Romance/Humour
Pairing: DeixOc
Summary: A child who seemingly grew from the soil is found in Kusagakure and taken in by a family hailing from Yukigakure who'd been vacationing there. The child grows and catches the attention of the Akatsuki due to her strange eye...

A/N: This one is a pain to write because of my tendency to change it a lot. x3 Hopefully the last real overhaul was the last majour one to it. fweefwee. <3

Title: What Kind of World Do You Reign From Anyway?!
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humour/Romance
Summary: The Naruto universe goes sci-fi when the Akatsuki discover a existence and wormhole into another dimension. Four members are sent to investigate and blend with the people of that world and are surprised with what they find.

A/N: I love writing this hahahaha. It's so much fun and the fans seem to prefer this one by a long shot. xD On fanfiction.net, it got over twenty hits on the first day and a favourite on the second. Currently, it has a good ten hit advantage over the first one even though it was posted at a much later date. Hahahaha.

I plan to post the first chapter of one of them as soon as I finish chapter two of the second one. I've got chapters 1 & 2 of the first one done. Just don't want to rush anything. ^__^

Nayeli / Aero