Don't you see grandpa is sick?

And yet you can't save one day afterschool to go to their house because you have to talk crap about your friends on the phone the whole afternoon.

But when I return home...I find recyclable goods piled up.

The branches of the mock oranges tree bunched up and unorganized.

My grandma struggling to carry bags of rice a short distance.

While your fat, lazy self is at home not doing shit each afternoon?

So I do it all when I return.

I recycle everything.

I cut the branches.

I help my grandma carry things, my grandpa change his clothes, my grandpa to play pinball on the computer.

And when I am over at their house, you come over. As if you want to rip the attention away from me, the attention I never receive because I am away making them proud in college a sea away. Then, when I return, you want the attention. You talk when I talk. You suck up when I am doing work for nothing that you could have done the other 100 or so days I'm fucking gone.

These grandparents practically raised us, sister.

They fed us. Our grandma made us clothes and would never yell at us. Our grandpa would always joke and never make us do anything we didn't want to do.

And yet, you can't be considerate enough to help them at least once.

Despite all they gave you.

You see, this is why I hate you sister.

You are the most inconsiderate, ignorant person I know.

And when the day comes that I can rid you out of my life, I will not hesitate to wipe the crap in my rear view mirror off completely.

You are not a sister to me.

You are nothing.