. A dark room filled with a single loud cry overshadowing the several hushed murmurs from the midwife and maids. In the center of the room, lay a woman on the table, screaming from the pain of labor. Looming over her were the midwife and family doctor, attempting in vain to calm the woman down. Crowding the door were the midwives twittering away in voices so low that they could barely hear themselves.

. The object of their mindless gossip, the lord of the manor of which they resided in was sitting in a plush chair, in the shadowy corner of the room with an eerie smile on his face. A cloud of fear and uneasiness was filling the room by his mere presence. As the woman gave birth, the man swooped down and took hold of his child, a baby girl, looking down with dark, cold eyes. Turning for the door, and scattering the maids just by heading in their direction, he walked out without a second glance to the center of the room, where the woman lay on the table, limp and cold, already in the grip of death.​

I hate you all.