So I'm at work and it's utterly swamping me in work. I feel like i'm actually drowning in work atm, its horrible and choking with too many demands and needs from the idiots and retard teachers. (Yes, teachers as the biggest retards and pushers of The Bullshit on this planet)


Though, last night im oddly reminded of a conversation we had on the way home.

Let me propose this question to you:

Has the evolution of man as a species slowed down due to the fact we no longer kill the weak, but infact shepard and nurture them?

My answer, on a biological sense, yes. In a social sense, absolutely not. Believe it or not, we are no smarter than a man from the classical era, or the medieval. What we know does not govern our intelligence, it's what we can learn that does. Or rather, our capacity to learn. Society moves forward (or rather in a constant twirling with a side step as i hypothesised) because we take on the lessons, technology and understandings of our previous generations. We lay down benchmarks for our next group in both physical and technological. Why do we do this? evolutional survival? Likely. That's what sets us apart from other animals, not our twiddly appendages beside our index fingers ;P

Yeah, we are NERDS (see previous post for further proof of this statement). My nerd credentials are all in proper order (the crazy hair as a child, getting excited when Mortal Kombat II came out all those years ago on the snes [yes, unlike some scene-nerdz, i was actually alive and kicking during the snes (and nes) days, though i was a Sega fanboi, i'll admit. Cyborg Justice and Streets of Rage were just too awesome to pass up], i actively run and play in Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire the Masquerade and Dark Ages Vampire, my first love in life was a blue tank engine, i can read binary, i have asthma etc etc). My nerd-dom cannot and shall not be denied or questioned :nod

Alas, i now have to go D: