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Name: Tiiu

Age: 19

How Far: Manga Chapter 382 / Shippuuden episode 40-41

Username: Mitarashi Anko

MSN: senei.jashu@gmail.com


Name: Mitarashi Anko

Nickname: Referred to familiarly as simply "Anko-chan"

Gender: Female

Age: 36 (Birthday: October 24)

Height: 5'5 (167cm)

Weight: 101lbs (45.8kg)

Hair: Relatively voluminous purple hair, almost always worn in an upturned ponytail, with a lot of bangs left down in the front and on the sides.

Eyes: Very dark brown. No hereditary doujutsu capabilities.

Physique: Shapely but athletic build.

Traits: Orochimaru's cursed seal of Heaven on back of left shoulder. No other visible markings.

Clothing: Anko is recognizable by a custom-made short-sleeved metal mesh body suit that cuts off halfway to the knees. Over this she wears a rust-colored mini-skirt made in the fashion of a kilt, but without pleats. In place of a kilt pin is a square buckle to hold the top flap in place. Attached to the belt of the skirt is a diagonal strap that goes across the cinch of her waist then back down to fasten at the back of the skirt. She also wears a long, khaki-colored trenchcoat with a high, straight collar and ample pocket space, usually left open. She wears black shinobi sandals and over them thick shinguards that go up to the knees, made from the same lightweight material used for ANBU light armor. The last thing adorning her is her necklace: a thick rope cord that is closed in front with three large, round beads made of dark wood, the bottom of which has a spike on one side that curves upward. She has had it since childhood.


Ranking: Tokubetsu Jounin (Special Jounin)

Village/Country: Konohagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Leaves)

-Standard kunai x10
-Stack of 50 village-manufactured standard explosive seals
-Senbon needle x20
-Basic compact first-aid kit, consisting of: a 25' roll of gauze bandages and 3 standard mini-syringes of a simple panacea that counteracts almost any poisons that have relatively basic compounds,
-Tiny sachet filled with soldier pills (holds roughly 15)
-1 small wrapped loaf of chakra-compressed food rations (can sustain the average individual for 2 days at most without soldier pills/3 days combined with a regular dosage of 1 pill evrery 4 hours)
-5 packets of water-purifying powder (operates on a small pre-made fuuin slip incuded inside the packet which, when activated, separates all the water to the top of the container)
-A small, round, corked ceramic bottle of a self-mixed poison, type usually chosen depending on the mission.

Fighting Traits: Very fast movement/combat speed and reflexes. She is capable of a decent measure of brute strength for someone of her size. Makes little use of Kawarimi no Jutsu as a means to evade attacks.

Jutsu Type: Advanced taijutsu forms but no specialty taijutsu combos/techniques, as well as summoning jutsu, and some high-level ninjutsu. Is capable of some basic acupuncture, used to paralyze enemies. Last of all is her cursed seal, which she at

Jutsus: (Note: Anko studied under Orochimaru in her childhood, and supposedly learned "everything" from him. Everything meaning those forbidden jutsus he had developed up to and during her time with him, as well as other ones which he favored most in combat. While this may be true, it would still be unrealistic to assume that she had time or skill enough back then to fully develop the greater majority of them. Thus, while she may know the way of all of them, most of them remain partially or entirely untrained. I will detail the amount of skill in using each one in brackets at the end of their descriptions.)

Weakness: 1. Operating a lot on impulse and intuition, she often doesn't think ahead enough in combat. 2. Though she has a lot of chakra, and average skill in chakra control for someone at her rank, she still tends to manufacture a bit too much of it for the jutsu she intends to use, and thus the excess is wasted. 3. Being lightweight as she is, in a contest purely of physical strength, she would lose to most opponents. 4. After discovering how to activate her cursed seal, an additional new weakness will factor in: whenever Anko decides to trigger the seal (which will be done with great discretion, and only in the most desperate of situations, as it is quite possible her using it will endager her team), not only will the standard repercussions* of the cursed seal won't be the only things to in effect during it's activity. Since Anko's seal was the prototype of Orochimaru's cursed seal technique, an imprint of the same effect it had on Juugo (whose naturally-occuring seal he created the technique from) will remain as an additional side effect of her using the seal's power: while the seal is in use, she will feel the a slowly growing urge to kill anyone and everyone, be they her enemies allies. If this grows out of control before she suppresses the seal, it is highly reccommended that a teammate either use a pre-prepared fuuin to suppress the cursed seal for her, or a fitting ability to render her unconscious.

*further spreading of the infection over time, until CS2 is accessible, slow destruction of the body when CS2 is active, and the creeping loss of free will that is gradually replaced by forced loyalty to Orochimaru (the latter being something he devised and added to the fuuin as a safety mechanism against betrayal by followers becoming more powerful with the seal).

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