I guess I'll just start this blog by explaining how I perceive the direction of my life.. a weird type of introduction of myself, I guess.

I'm just one of many college students struggling to balance the prospect of a nice future with an enjoyable youth while it lasts. My goal is to get accepted into medical school pretty much anywhere they are dumb enough to accept me, and I hope to become a child psychiatrist, so that I will maintain a steady paycheck, and so I can do something that I feel makes a difference in the world. Original, aren't I? :p

Well, things don't always go to plan, as life has its speed bumps. Between girl problems, drama among friends, and a close family member passing away on his own accord a bit over a year ago, my life goal seems to slip farther away at times. In the end, it's all excuses, I know, but there are some things that I just can't help but to let affect me.

Currently, though, life seems to be going fairly well. I'm single, have no immediate problems that I find myself around, and classes occupy my mind enough to keep my mind off other negative occurences. I recently turned 21, which comes with its own set of potential problems, so we'll see how I deal with that. XP I also am about to start a job tutoring kids, so a few posts will probably consist of me ranting about that..

Anyway, that would be about it. If nothing else, I'll probably use this blog for weird poetry or rants consisting of ridiculous tangents. So here I am. Impressive, aren't I? :D