Um...yo? :huh

I've never given a damn about blogs...can we just type anything in 'em? I guess I'll waste space on talking about my pairing preferences since such things seem so important in this fandom to the point that it's almost a religion and you can see mini-pairing-crusades breaking out all over the place :p

I love a multitude of pairings, 95% of them centered on Naruto being uke...(am I the only one who enjoy's watching Naruto suffer? :sweatdrop)The only Het Naru pairing I can tolerate(and love) is NaruHina...and as a crack het pairing KarinNaru (stop looking at me like that D-: ), FemNaruKaka, and probably NaruIno...and FemKakaNaru O_o.
When it comes to canon I support NaruHina, SasuSaku, NejiTen, SaiIno and ShikaTema...but I won't join the other's FCs because I wouldn't have time to post in all of them:huh
And I love yaoi a lot :nod mainly KakaNaru. And I hate Naruto as Seme, it doesn't suit him.
And as for threesomes, I like KakaNaruHina and SasuNaruSai (I joined the FC = ) )

...*looks up at what she wrote*yikes I wrote a lot O_o *nervously presses "Post Now" button*