I m just so bored, that I wanted to check out this NF blog stuff...I haven't used it before.
So clock is 3.39pm at the moment here ( I live at Estonia ). I just came from school. It was even pretty enjoyable today cause we didn't studied nothing new today ( only 2 days more until autumn holidays start at friday [ hell yea ] ).
I m currently studying in 9th grade in school, 7th ( last grade ) in music school. I must practice a lot to graduate in music school. I play bass guitar and acoustic guitar too. I have played acoustic 3 years and bass about 1 and half year.
I m interested about computer graphics too like 3-dimensional graphics. I have dealed with 3d graphics about 9 months now...

Anyway I finish now and I write something more if I have something to write.

I gonna add list of songs what played within this time if I writed this entry.

Zebrahead - Playmate Of The Year
Yellowcard - Down On My Head
Angels And Airwaves - Distraction
Blink 182 - What's My Age Again ( live version )
Sum 41 - Motivation
Johann Pachelbel - Canon ( Guitar version by Funtwo ) [ lol...that's actually best guitar song ever... I add link of this vid too...It's just so great ]

Johann Pachelbel - Canon ( Guitar version by Funtwo )