well today was the first day of school for me

My English 2 Teacher's nice

My Chem Teacher Is a Bitch

My Spanish Teacher doesn't know what the hell she's talking about

My Algebra 2 Teacher is soooo boring his voice makes me want to sleep

But My Graphic Design Teacher is really cool

He likes watch AMVs so he saidthat when i'm finsihed with my work in class i can edit AMVs XD

well other than that After school my best friend (that i strangly haven't seen until then) came up to me

This is the exact convo we had

Friend: JASON!!!!

Me: (surprised) WHAT?!

Friend: GUESS WHAT?!

Me: What?!

Friend: What?!

Me: (Angrily) WHAT?!

Friend: What?!

Me: Just tell me what you're gunna say

Friend: I'm Not Moving!!

So Yay She's not moving i'm so glad :p I can glomp her more XDDD

If you wanna know a bit about her she and i have been best friends for 2 years and we're like close (so close there are rumors about us everywhere -__-) well i was sad when she told me she would be moving but now that's not a problem ^_^